5 Tasks Small Business Owners Should Always Delegate

Delegation is the key to running a successful business. It is usually the little things that can add up and take over your day. When you are focusing on the little things, you aren’t quite aware as to how much of your day is given to these tasks. As a small business owner, you should always be at the helm of the ship – not in the hull shoving coal into the fire.

Many business owners – especially small business owners – underestimate the importance of delegation and wind up unfocused and scattered, which can have a negative effect on a company’s success. This is why as a small business owner it is so imperative to delegate business tasks. Here are five tasks small business owners should always delegate.

  1. Customer relations. This is not a job for the CEO or owner of a small business – this is the job of your customer service management team. Even if that team consists of one or two people, it can save a lot of your time to simply delegate the task of keeping up and catching up with customers. As a small business, it is important to know that your customers are happy, but as the owner of a business, you don’t need to be the one doing the calling.
  2. Distribution. This is another job that can take time out of your busy schedule. It can also take away from being able to grow your business. If you are constantly sending out product or making product runs, you will barely have time for anything else. Not only that, but it will be hard to keep up with all the invoices that need to get paid. So, you can either hire an in-house distribution team, or you can go with a national or even international distributor.
  3. Sampling. If your business sells a certain product or you have a unique service, one of the best ways to grow your client base is to let people have a taste. This is why samplings and demos can be so successful. For instance, if your business sells a certain kind of yogurt, you want to go to a market and offer a sample of your yogurt to customers. As the owner of a business, though, you want to delegate this sample and demo job to professional representatives.
  4. Product development. As a business – in any industry – you need to constantly evolve to catch up. This means that your product or service always needs to change. As the owner of a business, you may have all the ideas, but you don’t have all the time for development. So, you may want to download a software platform called TaskMaster Pro and then create a unique development department to bring your ideas to reality.
  5. The miscellaneous stuff. The miscellaneous stuff could be anything from writing emails to running errands. Indeed, the miscellaneous stuff is often the most menial stuff, which is an even greater reason to delegate the task. In the end, learning how to properly delegate is an art in and of itself, but with a little practice, you will get very good at it.

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