Opening a Restaurant: Must-Have Kitchen Equipment

Opening a restaurant can be a challenge, but a worthwhile challenge nonetheless. Once you have funding and you have signed a lease on a retail space, it is time to start stocking the kitchen with the equipment you’ll require. All restaurants need basic equipment because without these restaurant kitchen equipment essentials, you won’t be able to store, stock and cook the food to keep your restaurant spinning. Plus, if you shirk on any of these essential items, your kitchen could take a hit and your business could falter. You definitely don’t want to skimp out when it comes time to purchase all the necessary items you need for your restaurant’s kitchen. Here are some must-have kitchen equipment essentials for your new restaurant.

First and foremost, you will need a few good burners. Depending on the size of your business, you will probably need a minimum of four industrial stove burners. On the stovetop, you should have an area for grilling, simmering and frying. Having this kind of versatility is important, especially if you have a complicated menu. Plus, you want all these items to be built in as it can be annoying trying to purchase extra equipment in the future. And with your burners, you may also want to visit HoodFilters.Com and purchase a well-vented filter.

Another important element of your kitchen – perhaps the most important – is a good walk-in freezer. A walk-in freezer will allow you to store perishables in a safe and industry standard way and will also allow your kitchen staff the ability to walk in and pull items when necessary. If you don’t have that many frozen items, you will at least need a refrigeration chamber. In this chamber, you can store items like meat, poultry, dairy and other perishables that can’t be left out. Again, having the ability to walk into the chamber is important, because it is the most efficient way to pull menu items and ingredients whenever you need them.

Next, you want to have a number of pots and pans. Ideally, cast iron will be the most durable material, but you can also get away with copper or stainless steel. You want a number of pots for stews, soups and sauces. You also want a number of different sized pans to cook a wide range of dishes. When it comes down to it, certain ingredients will require a certain sized pan, so you want to consider the kind of food your restaurant offers. Regardless, you want to have versatility when it comes to the pans and pots, especially if you want to create different dishes night after night.

Lastly, you will also need a range of sinks. When it comes to washing dishes and washing vegetables, you will need different types of sinks. For instance, your restaurant will most likely need a large hot and cold scullery sink for cleaning dishes and tools. You will also need a hand sink or two to clean off vegetables and prepare other food items. In the end, your restaurant just won’t be complete without a sink system as not having any in place makes it very difficult to serve food.

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