5 Ways to Improve Foot Traffic for Your Restaurant

In the restaurant industry, foot traffic is tantamount to gold. However, if your restaurant is off the beaten path or not very visible from a major street, the question becomes: how do you improve restaurant foot traffic so that your business can stay alive? The restaurant industry is already a difficult enough industry, but out of all your responsibilities as a restaurateur, making sure you have enough patrons night after night is incredibly important. As a new restaurant, this can be especially important, because it is that initial hurdle that is the most challenging. Here are five ways to improve foot traffic for your restaurant.

  1. Hire a greeter. Having a greeter outside your business can really improve foot traffic. Instead of keeping your host inside, why not keep him or her outside? This way, your host can attract the attention of any passersby. You would be surprised by what a little eye contact can do. You could even have your greeter ask people questions and invite them to look at the menu.
  2. Create a street sign. Another great way to boost foot traffic is to place a simple sign outside of your business. There is nothing like a little homespun advertising to get people’s attention. On the sign, you can create a catchy saying that captures people’s attention and you can even place a few of the night’s specials on there as well. If your restaurant is on a busy street, it may be hard to capture people’s attention, but with a sign, you could inspire a passersby to dine in your restaurant versus the restaurant next door. Make sure, though, that your sign is eye catching – lots of colors can help, but so can a few buzzwords.
  3. Recruit restaurant eaters. This is a little known tactic in the restaurant industry, but it can work. All you have to do is recruit a few people to come and eat at your establishment. You can have them sitting right in the window. Studies have shown that restaurants that look busier actually attract more customers. As soon as your restaurant is open for dinner, you can have your recruited diners seated. People passing by will be more curious to try out your restaurant.
  4. Bring on a consultant. If you have just started a restaurant and you are having trouble getting things going, you may want to bring on a consultant that specializes in the restaurant industry. For instance, the Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group can help your business get in gear by collaborating on marketing campaigns and making sure that your management architecture is in place to take on a flux of patrons.
  5. Create a social media page. In today’s world, social media is so powerful that it can boost foot traffic at your restaurant. If you don’t have a social media page for your restaurant, you need to start one right away. When it comes to getting patrons in the door, one of the best ways to utilize the power of social media is to create contests. In the end, just the visibility alone from people entering the contest will help your restaurant become the most popular restaurant in town.

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